We are currently casting for the short film the men have written, If you fit the brief of a role below and would like to be considered, please send an email with your headshot, spotlight link and showreel to Thirtyone2526 by Deadline 26.08.19


Shooting: 14th - 17th September 2019

Director: To view examples of our Director Jolade’s work please click here

The film is unpaid but London travel expenses will be covered and catering provided.

JORDAN  -  JR’s Best friend - Male

Playing age 16

Afro - Carribean / Dual Heritage - Londoner

Confident, playful, ambitious but easily swayed 

JR - Jordan’s Best friend - Male

Playing age 16

Nigerian Heritage - Londoner

Sensitive, resilient, moral, conflicted 

CAMILLE - Jordan’s Girlfriend - Female

playing age 16 - female

Afro carribean / Dual Heritage  Londoner

Compassionate, romantic, an idealist, no lines but featured role 

YASMIN  - Friend to Cairo and Aggz

playing age 17-18 - female

Afro Carribean / Dual Heritage Londoner

Wily, astute and independent with protective instinct. An actress who can play emotion with subtlety.

CAIRO - Elder - Male

Playing age 23 - 28

Afro carribean / dual heritage  - Londoner

Charming, confident, intelligent 

AGGZ - Elder - Male

Playing age 23 - 28

Caucasian / Afro Carribean / Dual Heritage/   - Londoner

Man of few words, quick to react, intelligent, physically and athletically strong

ANITA - JR’s Mum - Female

Playing age 36 - 45

Nigerian Heritage - Londoner

Sensitive and hard working, an experienced actress able to portray depth of emotion. 

EDDIE - Jordan’s Uncle - Male

Playing  age 38  -  45

Carribean Heritage - Londoner

Fatherly, supportive, actor with good comedic timing