Inside Out

Testimonials from the young men who I have had the pleasure to create, share ideas and collaborate with to tell the story they wanted to tell.


“I’ve never seen this done before, it’s something new. This has the potential to impact thousands of people…This project has opened my eyes that anything is possible. It has made my brain work and get creative… it’s developed my confidence and to not feel a way when being open…It has also improved my team work skills and shown me to never give up.”

“These workshops were the first time in prison where I felt I could share my experiences and my feelings were listened to safely.”

 “I feel happy to come here (Inside out workshop) in the mornings because I can be myself here and learn things.”

“I feel that this experience has been extremely beneficial as it has helped my confidence expand and allowed my voice to be heard…I hope this film project will inspire young people to think more on their actions and be more responsible and I hope that it will make older people realise that the story is more than just black and white.”

“What makes this project different is that that even though I am incarcerated, my story is still relevant, I am still relevant and can portray my personal experience to others which could help them.”

“I have got a better understanding of other people and got my voice out. I developed how to listen to other people’s opinions and I got to really get my opinions out in a safe environment.”

“This project has been different from other projects I have been involved in because of the team work and everyone participating.”

“I feel I have benefitted from this project because it’s opened my eyes to see that we all (the youths) have the same thoughts and plan to do something positive with our lives. I’ve been able to speak out more which I did not feel comfortable to do before this workshop. I think we need more lessons like this one (Inside Out) as it helps to let the inmates know they are not alone. I was able to express my thoughts and feelings which is very rare and my voice was heard which is also rare. I enjoyed waking up every morning for this project.”

“It’s opened my eyes to how different people think. Also it’s reinforced my belief In writing for a living.”

“I want this project to become a symbol of hope and choice for young people…”

“I feel like I’ve benefited from this project because I feel like it’s humbled me, shown me things about myself that I didn’t know. I’ve developed my self-expression, creativity and listening skills throughout this course. It has also shown me how creative I am and also connected me better with God…It’s inspirational, makes me want to change my life for the better.”

“I never thought I could make film. At school we did drama and then I thought it was ticked off but doing this and [sharing] a bit of spoken word made me think what I can do when I put my mind to it and not get pulled back by those that I know.”

“This is by far the best project I have been a part of as I feel that I am a part of something that extends beyond prison.”

On the last day of the workshops, a Prison Officer also asked if he could share his experience of the project…

“I was lucky enough to sit in on the Inside Out course and to be honest it was better than I could have ever imagined. I believe all prisoners and staff for that matter, would benefit from this course.” - Prison Officer