HEIGHT: 155cm EYES: heterochromia BUILD: Petite & Athletic UNION: Equity

Bohemian Rhapsody African Nurse / Supporting FOX UK Bryan Singer
The Clue Noa / Lead Chaos2Love Judie Feenstra
I Love You Etta / Co Lead PicTV & Indictus Films Illy Ufo
Twin Sun Cobalt / Co Lead Flock of Condors Adam Azmy
2 Chairs Tina / Co Lead Sky Walker Films David Skynner
Burnt Tink / Co Lead Outcast Productions Rob Vassie
Scrawl Eve /Co Lead Kicked by a Mule Peter Hearn
Dogwalker Lily / Lead AJJ Films Alex Jacob
White Box Natalie / Co Lead Flock of Condors Adam Azmy
Six Degrees Tara / Co Lead Steel Mill Productions Maia Krall Fry
Coffee Sex You Lillian / Supporting Shipwreck Films Marcel Grant
Credo Timmy / Co Lead Moviehouse Toni Harman
Resonance Katy / Co Lead Brocomedia Dave Cohen
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Daisy / Supporting Warner Bros Tim Burton

The Dragon Detective Flip / Co Lead Gothic Manor Ltd Martin Gooch
Doctors Becky / Guest Lead BBC Piotr Szkopiak
Casualty Jackie / Guest Lead BBC Dave Beauchamp
On This Night Homeless Girl / Supporting Bethel Media David Norona
Eastenders Nurse Green / Guest BBC Jerry Smith
Afterworld (web series) Maia Sturn / Series Lead Channel 4 Florian Schmitt
Doctors Carla / Guest Lead BBC Ian Barber
Doc Martin Becky /Guest Lead ITV Ben Bolt
Casualty Zara / Guest Lead BBC Brett Fallis

Significant Other Dee / Co Lead The Park Theatre Tom Edge
Iceberg Right Ahead Berthe / Co Lead Gatehouse John Plews
3 Women & an icecream-cone Alice / Co Lead Kings Head Nadia Tass
An Affair to Remember Trixi / Co Lead Bush Theatre Nathan Curry
BRAVE Anne/Co Lead Bristol Old Vic Iain Tidbury
NY/Lon Beth / Co Lead Richmond Shepard NYC Katherine Moors
Zoo Loris / Co Lead Union Theatre Jessica Beck
Closer Alice / Co Lead HIFA Zimbabwe Sarah Norman
Macbeth 3 Witches / Supporting Techno Teatris Tarek Iskander
Spring Awakening Martha / Supporting Ustinov Andrew Harries

Song of Songs - 'Divine Romance' Narrator Broadstreet Publishing Elliott Frisby
The Gospels - 'Ever Present Love' Narrator Broadstreet Publishing Elliott Frisby
The Psalms - 'Psalms on Fire' Narrator Broadstreet Publishing Chris Byland
The Passion Audio Bible 'Song of Songs' Narrator Broadstreet Publishing Chris Byland
365 Day Devotional for Mothers Narrator Broadstreet Publishing Chris Byland
Premier Drive Review Panel Regular Guest Christian Premier Radio Loretta Andrews
Nationwide Idents Narrator Mr President Michael McCarthy
Deak Kum Pah - Orphanage Appeal Narrator Cobravision & I:D Magazine Dave Cohen
National Trust Mam Tor Narrator Audio Trails Dan Boys
Crystal Palace Dinosaur Trail Narrator Audio Trails Dan Boys
Beck Nature Trail Beck Naaid Audio Trails Dan Boys
Cudham & Darwin Annie Darwin Audio Trails Dan Boys
Wye & Stodmarsh Andover Narrator Audio Trails Dan Boys
Museum Downe Village Narrator Audio Trails Dan Boys
Keston Common Narrator Audio Trails Dan Boys
Poetry Anthology Narrator Radio Bristol Vic Harrison
The Hemingford Scandal Narrator RNIB Dale Lloyd

ACCENTS R.P*, Bristol*, Somerset, Devon, Lancashire, Manchester, Liverpool, South London, Standard American, French
MOVEMENT Capoeira, Jazz, Ballet, Physical Theatre
VOCALS Mezzo Soprano (trained bel canto technique Grade V) Highly Skilled
ADDITIONAL Running, Swimming, Skiing, Ice-skating, Clean Drivers' Licence, Speaks French